The Philosophy of Self Help

We have been creating self-help audio products for only four years at this point in time; we have seen many, many personal successes and continue to be amazed at the great healing power of the subconscious mind.* Our philosophy that once a person decides to make a positive change, he or she has a vastly improved shot at success is reinforced daily. Of course there is a need for professional help in serious health and emotional matters, and many are in no condition to treat themselves. However, the self help industry is so huge because thousands, perhaps millions, of people are indeed quite capable of diagnosing and treating behavioral problems and even neuroses on their own. When they succeed in feeding positive thoughts into their own subconscious belief system, individuals can and do take control of their own self-growth and success.

It is very difficult to make an ambitious plan (much less follow it) when you feel depressed, overwhelmed or stressed out. Confidence and self-esteem are necessary characteristics for people to become successful, but they are not automatic or even easy to develop or retain. Critical thinking, whether conscious or not, is a key factor in developing a positive mindset for success. We need to constantly evaluate what is happening in our lives and make decisions that keep us on a track of progress in the quest to become the successful, happy people that we imagine ourselves when we dream. It is very healthy and natural to dream; no, not the sleep dreams in which we are throwing out the garbage of the day, but rather the wishful daydreaming of winning lotteries, success and wealth that everyone dreams about sometimes. Negative, destructive thoughts, fears and phobias and sometimes depression can creep in and challenge our dreams of success. We are capable of identifying these pessimistic tendencies and working to erase them from our working conscious- and more importantly, from our subconscious minds.

During our experience in helping people convince themselves that they deserve success and can improve their thought patterns and behaviors, it has become evident that nearly everyone who believes in the power of their own unconscious and wants to improve, actually does. When you really make up your mind to do something, you will achieve it to the degree that you are committed; when you don’t, the odds of accomplishment are nearly zero. Conscious choice is the driver of any success or improvement, and in many cases the subconscious belief system must be affected. Otherwise, it will probably be business as usual. You might make some positive, conscious steps without trying to influence your deeper thinking self, but chances are you’ll slip back into old patterns at some point. That dream needs to be a part of your inner belief system, as well.

We all know these things instinctively and from experience; but we need to be reminded sometimes, that a tune-up and/or revitalization of our dream might be in order. The subconscious mind is always at work, and if it is wrong about some association or other it still plugs away guiding you toward its own twisted reward system! For example many people never really stop getting attention from some negative behavior or other, or a variant of it, that worked when they were very young. Adults who use shocking language or behavior regularly (again, for attention) might do better by focussing their energy on a more ambitious or productive path. When they do, guess what happens? Negative feedback stops, and their self-esteem finally gets a chance to grow for real. Carrying the example a step further, the antagonist becomes the happier ex-troubled achiever. He or she might still have moments of temptation (from the subconscious) to thoughtlessly blurt out some un-funny or hurtful blurb of wit, but has learned to think first. The reward system has grown and changed for the better, for our hero and everyone around her (or him). The longer the new behavior continues, the less frequent blunders and social mistakes are made. New thought and behavior patterns eventually replace the old ones, because the subconscious mind has changed (grown).

Everyone experiences personal growth in their own way because each person has a unique history, environment and perspective. Yes, we all have a totally unique reward system. And we are all orchestrating some type of growth too, even if it is mere aging without attention to any dream of success. Be aware that it is definitely possible for most of us to take greater control of our futures and find some aspect of ourselves to work on effectively! There are simply some things that no one else will or can do for us, and personal motivation is one of them. It is up to each of us to figure out how our thinking may be holding us back- and act on this fact by deliberately and literally changing our minds, for the better. In our business we encounter people conquering fears and phobias, and addictions; we see people getting over negative relationships and depression. It is they who are doing it- we only provide a method (subliminal audio) for talking the subconscious mind into changing for the better.

*Dave and Elena Asprooth own and operate the ‘Sprudio,’ an ever-growing self-help audio studio located in Southern California.

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