Eternal Optimist Grew Up in Home of Ill Repute

According to Webster’s Dictionary an Optimist is a person that has a tendency to take the most cheerful view or sees only the best most favorable option. An Optimist chooses to see life from a positive point of view. The negative aspect of life bounces off will not stick to an Optimist!

Of course, there is no such thing as being born an Optimist. The optimistic attitude is something to be acquired! A Pessimist can learn to be an Optimist by learning or acquiring a different attitude about life. Take it from one that was raised in a home of ill Repute!

My dad never gave me any words of encouragement. In my immediate family I was the only left-handed person and as a result could or would never be able to do anything right. I held the hoe wrong when gardening, ate backwards, and would be backward my whole life. Is there any one that can relate so far? I was a real misfit!

It is real hard to be and have a positive attitude when some one is constantly tearing you down. When you go through life being put down, pushed around, and laughed at because you are different it is very hard to cope. You just want to “Dig A Hole!”

For my whole child-hood I was subjected to this negative back-lash of verbal abuse. The only thing I had going for me in those days was my own imagination. I grew up a loner! The most fun I had was playing by myself. Do not feel sorry for me it was a really great experience an opportunity for me to learn some important lessons.

Lessons Like…

1) Learning to create my own world where dreams do come true. In my world I could be come Elvis and entertain millions and be loved the world over; I could be the fastest gun-slinger; the greatest sword fighter; give me a cardboard box and I could create a turtle shell and become a turtle, make a ship, you name it I could be it. Creative Imagination!

2) In my aloneness I learned about desire because of my dreams. When you desire something so strongly that it eats you up inside to have it you can acquire a thing. You have got to have it! A burning Desire is a flame nothing can put out! Absolutely Nothing!

3) I learned that desire for something then creates a Dare. You will dare to be, to have, and to do something really BIG! Ever heard the expression “I double dog dare you?” You develop a dare that goes beyond – far beyond – the ordinary Dare!

4) I learned dare creates a decision. When you have a dare you will make those important decisions that you would not otherwise make. I learned that until you make the decision to do what it is you want to do nothing ever gets done!

5) I learned another important lesson is decision creates dedication. The next and very important step is you have to stay the course. This is where you lay the track to getting and having for a life of luxury and pleasure. Be Eternally True and Dedicated (Passion)!

6) Another very important principal is that dedication creates direction. You will not go very far toward an aim or goal if going in the wrong direction. The 5 steps above mean absolutely nothing without the right direction. If the map you have before you shows Nashville is due west how will you get there if you go in the opposite direction of east? Get Your Directions Straight and Go in the Right Direction!

7) There is one final step I learned and that is direction creates devotion. You must be devoted with absolutely no reservation what so ever about what you want. Devotion involves prayer and concentration. You are so heavily involved there is nothing else you can think or do. This Is Your Life!

Yes it is true I learned all these things from growing up in an environment that was negative. You see I learned to take lemons and make lemonade. You Do Not Have to Be A Product of Your Environment – You Can Change Your Environment!

It is time to think outside the box and develop your creative imagination. Do not let outside forces keep you from being whatever or whoever you want to be. You decide your fate! Do not let any one have the power that rightfully belongs to you to make your life to be anything but what you decide for it to be! You Truly Are In Charge of You!!

As I grew and got older I started reading motivational books and listening to motivational tapes. The most important book in my library has become the “Holy Bible.” The Bible is the most positive book on the planet that we have! This Reading Has Transformed My Life Like Nothing Else Ever Could!!

I literally went from an insufficient nothing of a human being to a human being of sufficient worth. I turned my life completely around and so can any one who truly wants change in their life!

You may think I am crazy for sharing my insane child-hood story but it has taught me the importance of being who I want to be – Not what others think I should be. I am proud to have played alone in those early years. For when you decide to work in an arena of something other than the job you are thought to be strange. But sometimes strange is a good thing. Strange Is Good When It Brings About New and Better Paradigms!

May we all learn to be our own person and do with our lives what we so desire. Do not be afraid of being different or think of yourself as different. We Are Not Different We Are Only Improving On Our Already Great Selves!!

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