Active Or Passive – Is It Just Grammar?

‘That you are not doing the wrong thing doesn’t mean you are doing the right thing.’ Have I confused you? Pause for a moment to reflect on that statement…Does it make sense now?

Put in another way, there is a whole world of difference between ‘I don’t encourage stealing’ and ‘I discourage stealing’. The first is passive while the other is active. (You may want to meditate on that for a few minutes.)

Driving home my point, I’d say this: ‘The reason evil thrives is because good people do nothing…’ That is to say, that many ‘good’ people are unknowingly and unwillingly sponsoring and supporting evil deeds just by sitting on the fence, doing nothing other than create a realm of passivity in their sphere of influence.

These people will not vote and do not attempt to be voted for. They do not speak for or against (as appropriate) neither do they support those who are speaking. They do not proffer solutions but are good at reciting (already known) problems. Their area of expertise is in the field of ‘Inactivity’, which has far-reaching consequences than the effects of radioactivity. They are adept at watching (in the name of observation) but inept at taking appropriate action. Usually, they are the first on the complaints queue, always charting out the failures of administration after administration. In their eyes, they are the last good people standing… Perhaps you know some of them or are one of them…

It would interest you to know that the world is split between two influences: Good and Evil. There is no middle ground. Unfortunately, people who sit on the fence are also categorized with the bad people because the fence belongs to the bad guys. Your passivity is all that is needed for evil to flourish; no other input is needed because: ‘All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’

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