7 Steps to Inner Peace

Do you yearn for inner peace? Is your life out of control? Are your emotions all riled up? You are not alone. Many, many people are feeling the same way – they are all seeking some inner peace yet they do not know how to find it. Lots of people just search and search but come up with nothing except frustration which separates them even further from the inner peace they are seeking. Is that true of you too? Maybe people are looking in the wrong place. This article will help you focus where you will find the inner peace you are looking for.

First, inner peace can not be found outside of you. It can not be purchased in a store, it can not be provided by love or sex, it does not flow from accumulated wealth, it can only be found within you. It can be found but it will take some work. Here are some steps you can take to cultivate your inner peace.

  1. Identify your values. Select the top ten and prioritize them. Figure out how much time you spend on each one. Are some of them lop-sided? Try to adjust your schedule so you are spending more time on your most important values.
  2. List your goals for the next six months. Check them against your values to be sure they are aligned. If they are not aligned then you should not be doing them. Create new goals that align with your values.
  3. Make a list of the most important traits that you see in other people. Select the ones you would like to have yourself. Work to make these part of your everyday behaviors.
  4. By now you should be living your values, goals and personality traits. You should also be feeling better about yourself. You are ready for the next step.
  5. Work on your self awareness by writing in a guided journal. You can get The Discovery Journal at lulu.com. It is designed to increase your self-awareness through responding to sentence starters that have you look at yourself, your assumptions and your beliefs.
  6. Be authentic. Work to be true to yourself. Make decisions that you think are right and stick to them. Live in integrity.
  7. Summon your higher self. You have identified it through all of the exercises you just went through. Your higher self is all of the good things you represent. Let yourself be guided by the Universe to do what is right and good. You should now be feeling centered and serene.

Peace be with you!

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